Safety and Uses

Now that you have these treasures in your possession it would be great if I told you how to care for them right?! Well to care for crystals can be simple and easy - if you set the right reminders, and with essential oils; it is important that you are safe and use these products as directed. So let's get started! 
With all crystals it is important that you charge each of these in the Full Moon or Sunlight. BUT if you're anything like me you will forget the Full Moon nine times out of ten. Sunlight is a good substitute but aim for that Moon! 
With any crystal name that ends in 'its' you CANNOT get wet - it can tarnish these crystals and make them more succumb to cracking and breaking down. So use sage to cleanse these babies. For all your others, save that rain water! This is the easiest and best fresh water you can come across, or take in the ocean, river or lake for a fun bath! 
Look after these beauties and they will look after you 
With essential oils, each different oil will have it's own safety precautions so be sure to read the description! Avoid getting oils near your eyes and other sensitive areas of your body, if you do, rinse with coconut oil or other carrier oil option - do not use water. Common areas to use blends is on your wrists, back of your neck, temples and bottom of the feet. Alternatively you can apply to the affected area too.
When using the whole bottle aromatically, use 3 - 6 drops in 250mls of water for the smell strength you desire. 
Take your quiz, use your muscle testing or pick your favourites now! So that you too can live the best damn life you can! 
Love, Paige