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Understand Your Mind and Soul with Science Methodology
This is a process where I look into all the markings in your hands; the finger prints, the lines, the patterns and the tiny wrinkles. Every mark has a meaning, has a purpose and has a lesson to help you through this life time. To help you understand what you need, what you want and what will fulfil your complete happiness. Scientific Hand Analysis is not predictive, I cannot tell you that you'll live to 100 or have 5 babies (sorry, no winning lottery numbers) and it is so far from magic that you'll probably think it is! Hand Analysis is accurate, scientific and transformative, based on 40 years and 600,000 hands of research data and was discovered by Richard Unger.

What is in an analysis?
Your Life School – Where you spend most of your time on Planet Earth experiencing the gifts and challenges of life as it relates to the four schools of Service, Love, Wisdom or Peace.
Your Life Purpose – It’s your reason for being here, your BIG WHY. It’s what you’ve come to do.
Your Life Lesson – Your own personal kryptonite, that without knowing what your life lesson is will keep you feeling weak, uninspired and unable to take action. Knowing what your life lesson is, and choosing to have a different relationship with it can transform your life because you bump into it every day whether you realize it or not.
Gift Markings – There are 18 gift markings which identify “extra potential talent.” Think of them as extra super powers. Most people do not have gift markings. If you have gift markings, the more you have the fewer people there are like you. If you are unaware of your gifts, the penalties could be running your life and creating intense problems! Knowing your gifts and stepping into them can help ease your stress and transform your life.
And more! There is your heartlines, your headlines, your life lines, hand shape, finger shapes, finger lines and more!

The lines in your hands correlate to the neural pathways to the brain. Thought and behaviour patterns mark your brain as well as your hands. Lines in your hands can change over the course of your lifetime, and can show your personality, your way of thinking, your strengths, the way you communicate best, your challenges, how you express love and so much more. The shape of each hand, shape of your fingers, markings on each section of the fingers, tell a story about your character and your strengths.The length of your fingers, how they are set, their curve tell us a story about what you need and what you deny yourself.

So what can an analysis do for you?
1. Know without a doubt what you are meant to be doing and where you should put your energy
2. Gain satisfaction in your business, career, family, and friends. Know your gifts and how to share them.
3. Understand how to identify your challenges as opportunities, how to transform difficulties and know how to get back on track with your purpose
4. Have the confidence to keep moving forward without a doubt that you are fulfilling your life with nothing but goodness and your own unique self.

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So what now?
Analysis happens remotely! You don’t have to be in my town or even my country! Once you purchase the analysis package you would like we can then send you all the instructions along with ink sheets. Everything will be sent to you to make sure you know how to make your prints and how to get them back to me.
You can scan your prints and email them through, drop them off to our clinic, or post them back (note this may be required if scanning does not work). Once I have your prints you can pop online and schedule a meeting with me to do your analysis! You will meet with Paige via zoom. Your session will be recorded for you to review it over and over again. This information is timeless and we can dive as deep as you require!

Scientific Hand Analysis