Global Enzyme Multiplex - Plus - 100 tablets

Global Enzyme Multiplex - Plus - 100 tablets

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Broad spectrum support, complete multi-vitamin multi-mineral, multi-glandular supplement. Vitamin co-enzyme components are supplied from extracts of glandular nucleic acids. This formula also supplies all of the cofactors that support the formation and maintenance of bone.

Important for: 

Poor dietary practises 

Bone Degeneration 

Poorly nourished growing children 

Acidic tissue pH 

General health issues 



Vitamin A 3300 IU 

Vitamin C.  58 mg 

Vitamin D3 150 IU 

Vitamin E 10IU 

Vitamin B1 1.1mg 

Vitamin B2 1.3mg 

Niacinamide 13mg 

Vitamin B6 1.58 mg 

Folic Acid 220mcg 

Vitamin B12  3mcg 

Biotin 3mcg 

Panthothenic Acid 7.4mg 

Calcium 196mg 

Iron 6.2mg 

Phosphorus 33mg 

Iodine 54mcg 

Magnesium 96mg 

Zinc 4mg 

Copper 526mcg 

Bone Flour 144mg 

Multimix nucleaic acids and peptides 80mg 

Betaine HCL 6mg