Parasite Detox Health Supplements
Parasite Detox Health Supplements
Parasite Detox Health Supplements
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Parasite Detox Health Supplements

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Count Size:

  • AM 84 Capsules
  • PM 84 Capsules
  • AM & PM Drops (50ml)

The Parasite Detoxzone™ programme has three components, and all three must be used together as a single treatment.

A heavy duty parasite detox which helps to removes pathogenic activity from all areas of the body.
Parasite Detoxzone™ is a comprehensive programme used to break the parasite life-cycle within the blood, digestive system, and organs of the body. Parasites can be responsible for some of the disease states people have been struggling with for many years.
World Health Organisation statistics show that at least 58% of the world’s population has worms and flukes without realizing it. It is not unusual for someone to have a dozen or more different parasites from a list of 125 common parasites. With initial symptoms of feeling a little ill, weak or loss of energy, many people often don’t seek treatment.
For those who do seek treatment, many pharmaceutical formulations, given for parasites, can only kill a few specific types of parasites and most cannot kill either the parasite larvae or eggs in the blood. Although the adult worms in the gut may be killed, you can become re-infested three days later when the eggs and larvae, remaining in the blood and organs begin to hatch.
Many drugs would need to be taken together in order to break the parasite life cycle. Combining drugs increases the risk of interactions which can cause a range of symptoms from minor headaches and nausea to more serious side effects with other signs of toxicity.
Parasite Detoxzone™ is a combination of the most successful anthelmintic herbs sourced from quality locations around the world, including Indonesia, where these herbs have been companion planted for hundreds of years making them the most potent available.
There are temperate climate parasites and tropical climate parasites, and with so many people becoming global travellers, we have included herbs for both climates in this formula.


NOTE all 3 components sold 

Each capsule contains:

  • AM Capsules
Syzgium Aromatica 406 mg
Pandurata Rhizome 52 mg
Cucuma Javanica 73 mg
Myristicae 22 mg
Artemesia Arborescence 37 mg
Capsicum Annuum  22 mg
Tinospora Perculata 52 mg
Curcuma Heyncana 74 mg
  • PM Capsules
Artemesia Abynthium 184 mg
Artemesia Annua 131 mg
Curcuma Xanthorrhizza 52 mg
Kaempferia Galanga 26 mg
Carica Papaya 79 mg
Piper Cubela 26 mg
Punica Granatum 26 mg
  • AM & PM Drops
Juglans Nigra
Allium Sativum
Querous Alba
Salix Alba
in an Alcohol Base